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Clearing (FCH)

MACH’s Financial Clearing and Settlement service provides mobile operators and groups with an efficient and reliable wholesale settlement process.


Market Challenges

While business complexity is increasing dramatically with the adoption of new technologies, IoT enterprise segments, and charging models, operators require more automation to streamline the invoicing and reconciliation processes.

Trust is an important aspect when outsourcing the settlement of roaming revenue. Lack of transparency on financial clearing tasks such as debt qualifications, discrepancy analysis, or collection chase status creates a black box effect. This also includes tasks done outside of the clearing system through manual worksheet reports, or historical debts that prevent teams to track all legacy positions quickly. Operators require clarity and control of settlement activities.
The reconciliation process is key as the quality of the actions taken during this period determines the final amounts for settlement. Invoices are the basis of this process; however, some may not be received on time. Missing invoices impact the number of reconciled transactions, which may represent delays in receivable payments. Operators expect clearing teams to chase missing invoices or pending payments with diligence. Estimations of the receivable (and payment) amounts are also required for financial planning purposes.
Financial amounts are derived from traffic reports listing the GSM TAP and RAP files exchanged with roaming partners, interworking and BCE agreements. A RAP file is required to adjust incorrect records, which enables responsible departments to identify any discrepancies between TAP files and actual invoiced amounts. It’s critical to have fine control of the RAP process and an automated flow from data and financial clearing systems, otherwise, it may lead to disputes and revenue leakages for the operator.


Your Journey to BCE Starts Here

How will operators benefit from BCE in roaming?

Financial Operational Excellence for Present and Future

Fully compliant with GSMA standards, MACH’s FCH supports operators and groups through the hybrid settlement journey of TAP and BCE, reducing overhead costs. 


Removing the heavy lift from the operator’s financial teams

TOMIA’s FCH offers a reliable, transparent, and traceable wholesale process for all transactions, where financial users can define rules around transaction approvals and payments online to save time and money.

  • Unified clearing data foundation eliminates misalignments and ensures consistency.
  • Transparency for all transactions, including Foreign Exchange (FX) rates applied by the bank.
  • Cash flow optimization through cross-cycle netting across positions of multiple periods.
  • Early understanding of cash allocation requirements from ‘pseudo invoicing.’
  • Fully integrated with BCE and compliant with GSMA’s Electronic Invoice Data (EID) specifications.
  • Instant settlement of discount agreements via fast-flow integration with Deal Analytics.
  • Customizable reporting engine adaptable to the operator’s financial team requirements.
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